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Air Telemedicine Box

The Air Telemedicine Box by AirXmedic is a groundbreaking solution that brings immediate medical assistance to remote areas. It is a compact and portable telemedicine device equipped with advanced medical tools, enabling real-time consultations and diagnostics. With its seamless connectivity and comprehensive medical capabilities, the Air Telemedicine Box ensures access to essential healthcare services, especially in underserved regions. It is designed to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals, providing timely and life-saving medical support.

3d obstacle avoidance

3 Dimensional Obstacle Avoidance

3D obstacle avoidance technology for drones enables precise navigation and maneuvering in complex environments. By utilizing advanced sensors and algorithms, Our drones equipped with this feature can detect and avoid obstacles in real-time, ensuring safe and efficient flight operations. With 3D obstacle avoidance, drones can navigate through challenging spaces, mitigate collision risks, and operate with increased precision and confidence.

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