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Meet Preetesh Anand, a successful entrepreneur, social innovator, and financial advisor. With his strong independent mindset and innovative approach, Preetesh has made significant contributions to various fields throughout his career. Today, we delve into his role as the Chief of Marketing and Finance at StarX91, a groundbreaking drone manufacturing startup. Let’s explore how Preetesh’s expertise and vision are shaping the future of this dynamic company.

Unleashing Strategic Brilliance:

As the Chief of Marketing and Finance at StarX91, Preetesh Anand brings his extensive experience in high-level strategic planning and new brand development processes. With his sharp business acumen, Preetesh coordinates and strategizes marketing and financial decisions for the company, driving its growth and success.

Pioneering Sustainable Innovative Business Models:

Preetesh Anand is recognized for his remarkable contributions in the field of sustainable development. His passion for entrepreneurship and sustainable practices have led him to develop innovative business models. At StarX91, Preetesh infuses sustainability into the company’s DNA, ensuring that their drone manufacturing processes align with eco-friendly principles.

Creating an Ideal Ecosystem for Startups:

Apart from his role at StarX91, Preetesh is a social entrepreneur dedicated to creating an ideal ecosystem for startups. He understands the challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs and actively works towards empowering industries with his visionary ideas and professional expertise. Preetesh’s invaluable insights have shaped the startup ecosystem in his state by establishing incubation centers that nurture and support emerging businesses.

Collaborating for Social Change:

Preetesh Anand is a member of the Global Shaper community at the World Economic Forum, where he collaborates with non-profit organizations to promote social change. His passion for making a positive impact on society drives him to actively participate in government programs aimed at the upliftment of communities. In 2015, Preetesh was honored with the “IMPACT ENTREPRENEUR AWARD” by the Chief Minister of Bihar for his exceptional contributions.

Crossing Borders and Boundaries:

Preetesh Anand’s accomplishments extend beyond national boundaries. He was invited by the Government of China, Guizhou Province, to be a part of the Indo China Cross Border Investment and Trade Summit in 2016. This opportunity showcased his expertise and allowed him to explore cross-cultural collaborations and foster international partnerships.

Driving Technological Advancements:

With expertise in unconventional marketing, big data analysis, and technology enhancement, Preetesh Anand spearheads technological advancements at StarX91. His knowledge of IoT (Internet of Things) and SaaS (Software as a Service) models has enabled the company to leverage cutting-edge technology in the drone manufacturing industry. Preetesh’s leadership ensures that StarX91 remains at the forefront of innovation, utilizing internet, broadband, and networking technologies to their fullest potential.

Preetesh Anand’s role as the Chief of Marketing and Finance at StarX91 exemplifies his entrepreneurial spirit, passion for sustainability, and dedication to social change. Through his strategic brilliance, he propels the company’s growth while pioneering sustainable business practices. Preetesh’s relentless pursuit of creating an ideal ecosystem for startups and his collaborations for social change have earned him recognition and respect within the industry. As he continues to drive technological advancements, we eagerly await the transformative impact Preetesh Anand will have on the future of the drone manufacturing industry and beyond.

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